Methods of Communication

In the community many different methods of communication are used daily.

Pupils at Wren Spinney are encouraged to practice using different methods of communication in the safe environment of the school and are supported in learning how to generalise functional communication skills so that they can use these with confidence in the wider community.

Another name for these methods of communication is Alternative and Augmentative Communication or AAC.
What is Alternative and Augmentative Communication?

Alternative communication is defined as 'Any type of communication other than speech which is used to express a person's wants, needs and ideas.' Light, 2004.

We all use alternative communication for example when we write something down, send a text message, wave to say hello, or use our thumbs to communicate if something is good of bad.

Alternative communication is often used if there is a breakdown in communication if someone has temporarily lost their voice or if a person finds it difficult to explain what they are talking about.

Augmentative communication refers to communication which is 'aided' in some way usually by the use of a symbol book or device. Some of the devices used to augment communication are called Voice Output Communication Aids of VOCAs.