Wednesday, 23 July 2014

It's Deb's Last Day Today


Her little “stint” at Wren has filled us all with cheer
With professionalism, empathy and inspiration from ear to ear
It's Deb’s last day today.

She once was an artists’ model, wearing very very little at all
Oh boy! I’d like to have been a fly upon the wall!
It's Deb’s last day today.

Scarecrows, Maydays and lots of other dos have brought us and the community together
Their scarecrow rhymes and Mayday chimes will be remembered by us all forever
It's Deb’s last day today.

Bringing out the best in us all was a goal she’s had right from the start
Myriad students have blossomed and bloomed and this has set her apart
It's Deb’s last day today.

Try leaving something lying about and it will soon be clear
That Deb’s love of tidying things will soon make it disappear
It's Deb’s last day today.

Her front-of-house displays have never ceased to enthral
At Christmas, in winter, spring, summer and fall
It's Deb’s last day today.

Pupils and staff over the years have led her many merry dances
Such as diving under the office counter to avoid Jack McCormack’s advances
It's Deb’s last day today.

A lack of vocational opportunity at Wren once filled our Deb with dread
So she created The Shop and Salon to provide such opportunities instead
It's Deb’s last day today.

Once Cheryl binned your favourite “Tapestry” CD and as we may recall
She had to buy a replacement – you were so full of gall
It's Deb’s last day today.

“Outstanding” is the accolade that’s been bestowed upon our school and head
Our progress and achievement and general finesse all helped to impress Ofsted
It's Deb’s last day today.

Using a mike in church was thought might be a good idea
But the cacophonous decibels produced filled the congregation with fear.
It's Deb’s last day today.

Let’s hope Deb takes many a happy memory away, oh! well
Surely one of the best was going to Disneyland with Dr. Michel
It's Deb’s last day today.

So, it’s with sadness but best wishes that we see you on your way
A massive thank-you from us all and
God bless you in your work, rest and play
Yes, it is Deb’s last day today.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Wren are Winners!

Wren Spinney received 2 awards at the Northants Telegraph’s Annual Education Awards on Thursday 3rd July! We won the Secondary School Award, sponsored by Northamptonshire Connexions, for our Wren Spinney News and Debbie Withers picked up a lifetime achievement award. Debbie will be retiring as Headteacher from Wren Spinney at the end of this term after 23 years at the school, the last 14 as headteacher. Debbie said “It’s a wonderful way to finish. It’s quite poignant – I shall miss being with the youngsters”.

Saturday, 07 June 2014

Ofsted say we are "Outstanding"!

Our March 2014 Inspection by HMI reports that Wren Spinney School is Outstanding in ALL areas of the school. This reflects on Achievement of pupils, Quality of teaching, Behaviour and safety of pupils and Leadership and management.

Click here to read our latest, Outstanding report!

Outstanding School!

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